Cordell & Cordell’s dedication to customer service, employment of highly-skilled family law attorneys and focus on the rights of men and fathers has greatly contributed to the firm’s success. Through an emphasis on the needs of our clients, Cordell & Cordell has developed high standards of excellence it expects all attorneys and staff members to represent.

Cordell & Cordell reviews the performance and professionalism of all attorneys regularly, and the Practice Quality Department is able to provide and institute changes on the fly to deal with any issues that arise. Additionally, Cordell & Cordell’s Client Care Department maintains consistent contact with all clients throughout the course of their case to collect genuine feedback on how they feel their case is proceeding. If any problems arise, clients can feel reassured that the complaints will be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible.

With tens of thousands of clients represented and currently maintaining a 94 percent attorney satisfaction rate based on client-completed surveys, see how Cordell & Cordell’s client-centered approach has benefited countless men and fathers across Nevada.

Cordell & Cordell Reviews — Henderson


“[My attorney] was a good attorney. She was super informative, and as soon as she got information, she let me know. [My attorney] is driven and took initiative to finish off everything when others wouldn’t in court. [My attorney] kept me in the loop and kept me very well updated. She was aggressive when it was needed. She cares about her clients and cares about what happens in their case.”

“[My attorney] was always reachable.  She communicated well and got back to me right away anytime I needed anything.  It was as good of an experience as it could be given the circumstances.”