Karen A.

"​Keri and Sarah are amazing! They are very responsive and provide great advice. I feel very fortunate for their representation of my case. Keri is very knowledgeable and sensible. I feel much more confident and at ease when I receive feedback from her."
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Caleb W.

"I appreciate the responsiveness to the peculiarities of my case. I am impressed with Eric's ability to navigate the difference and treat my case as unique."
By |December 3rd, 2020||Comments Off on Caleb W.

John T.

​"Eric always makes it a point to respond to me himself and promptly. He has done everything great and has been very informative. His wealth of knowledge and personable demeanor have been great. I feel he really cares about me and my case and that has been a big relief.​"
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David W.

"Steve was awesome. The office staff was always very polite, and it was very comforting. Steve took ownership of my problems as if they were his own, and he really fought for me. I really appreciated everything."
By |May 20th, 2020||Comments Off on David W.

Van M.

​"Melinda was very friendly, helpful with good advice. The process went surprisingly smooth."
By |May 14th, 2020||Comments Off on Van M.

James F.

"Melinda is fantastic!  This has been an expansive case with turns and twists, and she is on top of it. She is really good and the whole staff is fantastic. I would tell everyone in the area that she is the one to turn to."​
By |May 14th, 2020||Comments Off on James F.

Anthony M.

​"Eric did an excellent job communicating with me, and he really facilitated the conversations that I needed to have with the opposing party. Everything really worked out well, and Eric was instrumental to all of it. He was very informative and kept it straight with me."
By |April 15th, 2020||Comments Off on Anthony M.
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