J. Martinez

"​[My attorney] was great at coaching me and walking me through the mediation process. This was my first divorce, and she made it easy.​"
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"She always is great. [My attorney] is never late, and being her client has been a great experience. [My attorney] is just absolutely the best. She has made this easy for me and kept me updated and informed. She is amazing."
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"We were just in court on Monday; he was very solid in court. I am very pleased [with] how he handled everything and very impressed. We have been greatly communicative. Dan and [my paralegal] are fantastic."
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"[My attorney] rocks! ... My family and I are pretty amazed by [my attorney]!"
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Chris S.

"I'm happy with how [my attorney] handles things. I'm very happy since I switched attorneys. I trust [my attorney] with everything, as he is very ethical and I trust what he's done."
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Steve M.

“[My attorney] is a great attorney. He wasn’t afraid to answer ‘I don’t know,’ and would research before getting back to me. He took the time to explain the law and processes to me. If I didn’t understand, he wouldn’t get frustrated and would use different ways to explain. … [My attorney] was well worth what I paid in attorney fees, if not more. If I need assistance in the future, I will definitely call him.”
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