Erin P.

"[My attorney] kept bringing reality back to me about the case and thinking about the long run, not just the here and now. [My attorney] stayed very calm and when she had to relay news from the opposing side. She was calm and explained things in an noninflammatory way in order to keep me calm and rational. She  was very smart and savvy and did not do things in an underhanded way to get what we wanted."
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Leroy T.

"[My attorney]'s response time was exceptional when I had any questions or needed anything."
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Brad W.

"​[My attorney] was very responsive and very on top of things. She was always right on the ball and always in contact."
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Michael B.

"​Everything is going well, [my attorney] keeps me well informed and lets me know the best strategies for me and my case here in the state of Georgia."
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"He did everything I asked and kept me updated as needed. Nicholas was just an overall great guy to have in my corner."
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"Kevin did a heck of a job in mediation. I am very satisfied."
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“I have been very pleased so far. [My attorney] has been very responsive and helpful. … I would highly recommend Cordell & Cordell and [my attorney] to anyone who may need their services.”
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