Eric P.


"​Everything is perfect. Abigail knows exactly what I want, and is very good.​"

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Jeffery B.

​"[My attorney]exceeds and is very detailed.  He has done a good job of communicating with me."​
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Eric B.

"Mr. Elkins-Barkley is very good at returning calls and emails. He is always willing to work around my schedule to effective communicate with me regarding my case.​​ Mr. Elkins-Barkley has spent a lot of time researching for my case. He is knowledgeable with the law, pertaining to my case, and I put my trust in him to help me make decisions for a good outcome. He advises but also listens to what it is that I am seeking.​ I was happy with the ease of getting a knowledgeable attorney in the state I needed, who was upfront with the cost. I also liked being able to make payments and review my case through the portal."
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Colin S.

"Abby is absolutely there for me.  She is like a friend who is genuinely concerned.  From Day 1, she has remembered my children by their names.  She keeps me upbeat and speaks kindly.  Abby is great!"
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"​Abi did an outstanding job! Overall, I was always abreast of how things worked and what to expect. Abi did a great job with a challenging opposing party as well."
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"I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case.  It was better than what I hoped for.  I very much liked the Client Portal and how I can see real-time updates and notes on the case and didn't have to call the office to find out little details and billing information; I was able to go online to see for myself.  I appreciate the truth in advertising; I picked Cordell and Cordell because it was advertised as a family law firm for men and I felt that was very much the truth.  I was initially worried about being treated unfairly by the Courts, but I felt that I was treated fairly throughout the process."
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Austin H.

"From the initial contact to the final wrap-up call, it was clear that quality control and customer satisfaction was of the utmost importance to both [my attorney] and the firm."
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Daniel D.

"[My attorney] didn't treat me like a number; he really cared about my situation.  He was very quick to respond and follow-up with me.  Whenever I had questions, he explained things well and included me in the preparation for events (mediation, etc).  He was very personable and showed that he truly cared for me and my family, which I really appreciated."
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Brian B.

"I am incredibly pleased with [my attorney's] responsiveness. She is always very well-prepared and can pass that along to me so I am as prepared as possible. [I] could not have asked for better counsel. [My attorney] was great, as was Cordell & Cordell."
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David H.

"It's frustrating that I had to hire an attorney, but [my attorney] has been good to work with and I have been very satisfied so far. [My attorney] has been very helpful and it has been easy so far; everyone seems to be on the same page."
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