Alexander C.

​ "Brad's easy personality and great advice really helped me through this difficult process. The firm was great to work with and everyone at the office was always professional and helpful."
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"​Overall it was exceptional considering the circumstances. I think [my attorney] was great! I felt like she listened to us and was honest about different opinions she might have had."
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"​[My attorney] is an outstanding attorney and I believe a genuinely good hearted person. She is extremely intelligent and yet very relatable and not afraid to let me know what she thinks regarding my case. I am so thankful that I chose Cordell and Cordell and especially [my attorney] to represent me.​"
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James N.

"[My attorney] has a very pleasant demeanor. She is very professional and good at what she does. I have been very pleased."
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Tim L.

"[My attorney] did every single thing right for me. She was great! [A] better fit than I could have ever imagined in an attorney."
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Lori W.

"I felt extremely comfortable with [my attorney]. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find that."
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Travis W.

"[My attorney] was steadfast. What I liked most was that she was not afraid to state the facts. As a father, this was important. There were times when staying focused on the black and white and not getting caught up in all the emotions and back and forth was necessary. [My attorney] helped walk me through this and did the best she could. We dealt with a lot of adverse situations with my wife and her attorney trying to paint this negative picture. While I did not get everything I would have liked, we got the best case scenario. I give her a lot of praise for that."
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James G.

“[My attorney] kept me updated. It was very clear what was going on at all times. I also really liked your online portal system; it provided a lot of information that helped keep me informed. I was very happy.”
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“… [My attorney] was very knowledgeable, prompt and available. She got back to me right away and always seemed to know my case or have an idea of where we were at. She also provided regular updates. So, to sum it up, the level of communication was the best. She was very attentive.”
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Ed D.

“[My attorney's] personality and demeanor is just awesome! She is soft spoken and a bull dog at the same time. She is very aware of the law and is just able to put you at ease.”
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