“[My attorney] was just great! She gave me advice, even when I didn’t want to hear it. I really appreciate her making sure I was well aware of worst-case scenarios to set realistic expectations. From what I’ve heard, my case was handled very quickly. Working with [my attorney] was great; she was very easy to get along with. She is the best of the best!”

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Timothy B.


“This is the second time I’ve worked with [my attorney], and we spent a lot of time talking about my case. I have no doubt I received the best advice I could get for my situation.”

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Lawrence L.


“I would just say that Stephanie is very personable and thorough. She’s very easy to work with.”

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“Anna has facilitated the decision-making process very well. Anna outlines the legal issues well. Also, Anna puts things into perspective  for me and educates me on law. Anna is very good at receiving my updates and then responding back to me. I have a very good impression that she devotes a lot of attention to my case. Whether that is true or not I guess really doesn’t matter — it’s all about my impression, and that’s what I am getting from her!”

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William H.


“[My attorney] is very engaged. She was my voice of reason. She is levelheaded and a good person to have on my side.”

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“[My attorney] has phenomenal response time. She always gets back to me right away, even in the evenings. I am happy”

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Robert M.


“Cordell & Cordell  has unbelievably amazing people in [the] Austin office! I have nothing but compliments to give [my attorney]. She is efficient and to the point. [My attorney] was unbelievably responsive, and she set realistic expectations. This has been a great experience for me.”

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Jesse D.


“Communication is easy. [My attorney] molds to my schedule. Cordell & Cordell is helping to make it easy for me, and that’s what I like most about working with you.”

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“Amber did quite well. I was pleased with her negotiation skills and her ability to help my situation. I think it worked out very well. I was very pleased.”

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“[My attorney] did an excellent job! I am completely pleased with how [he] handled everything. He managed my situation very well.”

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