The Cordell & Cordell Mission

Cordell and Cordell’s mission, to provide a passionate and intelligent devotion to excellence while advising and advocating for men before, during and after divorce, is a large part of the firm’s success. Recognizing the inequality men face on an everyday basis in family courts across the country, Cordell & Cordell has attempted to level the playing field by focusing their practice on the rights of men and fathers. As family courts slowly work to modernize the dated statutes and application of laws, Cordell & Cordell attorneys work vigorously to ensure fathers receive the custody they deserve, and that men everywhere are treated as fairly as possible in a system that notoriously stacks the cards against them.

Clients are a Priority

Cordell & Cordell’s dedication to client satisfaction extends through all levels of the firm. From the attorneys and their legal teams to the accountants and Client Care representatives in the corporate headquarters, every member of the firm works to provide top-tier legal representation. The firm’s commitment to clients is epitomized through Cordell & Cordell’s 10 Commandments of Customer Service:

  1. Each Cordell & Cordell family law client shall receive intelligently aggressive divorce representation.
  2. Each Cordell & Cordell client shall be presented with all options providing the best chance of success in their custody, support or divorce case.
  3. Each Cordell & Cordell client is entitled to a trial and shall never be pressured into settling his case.
  4. Each Cordell & Cordell client shall receive prompt and courteous responses to all questions.
  5. Each Cordell & Cordell client shall be informed of the status of his case on a bi-monthly basis.
  6. Each Cordell & Cordell client shall be kept informed of the status of the law and changes in the law as it relates to his case.
  7. Each Cordell & Cordell client shall receive timely copies of correspondence created or reviewed in his case.
  8. Each Cordell & Cordell client is entitled to have his telephone call returned on the same day.
  9. Each Cordell & Cordell divorce attorney shall practice exclusively in the family law area.
  10. Each Cordell & Cordell attorney shall punctually appear at all scheduled court dates, unless an emergency exists, in which case the attorney shall arrange for a Cordell & Cordell attorney to appear or continue the matter in a timely manner.

Every Cordell & Cordell client can feel assured that their questions will be answered promptly, their case will be organized and thoroughly developed and that all of their domestic litigation needs will be met to the best of our experienced attorneys’ abilities.

Cordell & Cordell Complaints Resolution

Client Care, Cordell & Cordell’s customer service division, periodically interviews clients at various times throughout the course of their case to ensure our attorneys are meeting expectations in the areas of performance and professionalism. By regularly keeping in touch with our clients, Cordell & Cordell is able to identify any potential issues early on and work to correct them before they become bigger problems.

Honest assessments of our attorneys are extremely important to maintaining the high level of service we expect to provide, and all issues or complaints should be documented and directed through Client Care so the proper actions can be taken to rectify any problems.

Cordell & Cordell Attorneys are Pushed Toward Excellence

Cordell & Cordell attorneys undergo a rigorous review process twice per year to ensure they are upholding the high standards set by the firm. These reviews include a record of total ratio of satisfied clients as determined through the neutral Client Care interviews, which makes it very difficult to conceal unsatisfactory results. Attorneys at Cordell & Cordell are pushed to go above and beyond what is expected of them, because it is very easy to point out blemishes on their record. Firm partners continually develop and modify performance standards to ensure our attorneys constantly provide quality representation in the ever-changing world of family law. Through periodic review of credentials to an emphasis on Continuing Legal Education requirements, Cordell & Cordell attorneys are well-equipped to handle championing men’s and fathers’ rights in the courtroom. By avoiding complacency and always aspiring to offer better service, Cordell & Cordell has set itself apart as a firm dedicated to their clients and achieving the best possible results in an area of law that typically paints men as the underdogs.

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