"Tomekia is great at communicating. I never felt like Tomekia was pushing me off, even when she has been in court on other cases. If she was in court and could not return a message, she was nice about it and professional. Tomekia would then get back in touch with me ASAP, even at 11 p.m. at night ( happened one time!). At no point have I felt left in the dark. Tomekia constantly lets me know how things should be re-worded or changed in documents that I am working on, and gives quick, well-reasoned advice.  More importantly, no matter what decisions in my case have been or will be made, Tomekia has and will leave it all on the courtroom floor.  Tomekia hit every big point and did the best we could, and that is all that I could ever ask for. ... Tomekia is very strategic, she never overplays her hand. ..."