"Melinda is always going to try and get me the most. My child means the world to me and Melinda understands this. Everything she has done has been for my son. I feel very strongly about her representation. This is my second time around with Melinda. Her concept of taking notes in her 500-gigabyte brain is amazing. It's like having a great Euchre hand with Melinda. She cares about me as a person. When Melinda is arbitrating, I always feel comfortable and she has a great game plan. I really appreciate her. I could have gotten someone locally to represent me, but it's worth the drive to have Melinda. She is on top of it and makes it nice to go to court and not have to worry. She is a God savior for me, and I love her to death. Melinda fights tooth and nail for me, and I probably owe her more than I have paid her."