Rob N.

"​I know that Martin is cool headed and meticulous, and I really appreciate that. I truly believe he is working in my best interest to try and resolve this for me."
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Vincent D.

​"I was an exceptional attorney, and I was grateful to have him on my team. He was very knowledgeable​, professional, and did an excellent job at explaining things in ways to help me better understand. Martin made me feel as though my case was a top priority. He also had great communication and always kept me informed of what was taking place with my case."
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​"Martin was a really good lawyer, and I was happy with him. I liked that he was very knowledgeable, and his interpersonal skills were great. He was able to make me laugh sometimes in a very difficult situation. It is great to have a sense of humor and I really appreciated that."
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"[My attorney] is an amazing attorney! We are so appreciative of her and the work she did for us. Thank you so much [my attorney]! If ever needed again, we will be back for sure​."
By |April 15th, 2020||Comments Off on J.T.

Richard H.

​"I feel Asa was an exceptional advocate for me and my children. He listened to my problems and came up with good solutions. I was very happy to have him representing me."
By |March 24th, 2020||Comments Off on Richard H.


"Everyone I have dealt with has been very helpful and also exceptionally well with getting back to me in a timely fashion in any communication that has been needed."
By |March 24th, 2020||Comments Off on D.B.


"You are doing exceptionally well. [My attorney] has done a good job at mediating and giving advice."
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Carl S.

"​The attorneys are very knowledgeable people and good at their job."
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Larry S.

"​I am going through my first divorce, so this is new to me.  Ever since I first reached out to the firm, everyone has been super friendly and welcoming.  They have been very good and helpful at working around my schedule and explaining things.  The focus is on my priorities and what I want to accomplish.  Even though it's a difficult situation you guys are making it easier."
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Scott S.

"He has been more like a good friend. He is an excellent attorney!​"
By |November 12th, 2019||Comments Off on Scott S.
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