​ "He was always available after hours. He went above and beyond my expectations."
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"​[my attorney] was great, everything went smoothly.  It was a pleasure working with him​!"
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Dustin J.

"[my attorney] did help me prevent me from making some dumb decisions, he also made some smart decisions for me that I was not really aware of what they were until after the fact, I feel he really looks out for me as a client."
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"​Dan was great!  He was factual, direct and to the point.  He told me what needed to be done and did it.  Everything went very smoothly.  It was a great experience considering the circumstances."
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"[My attorney] was, in my experience and opinion, an excellent attorney. He showed an unexpected degree of dedication in the late evenings and weekends spent working for me and being generally available to either take directly or respond in a very timely fashion to my calls and messages to him. He was always direct and forthright, never sugar coating anything, or trying to lead me to believe anything unrealistic, but also maintained a positive and upbeat manner regarding things at the same time. Also, he was very sympathetic, he reached out and expressed understanding as a father himself. While this isn't my first divorce, I thought that was a nice thing for him to do, and I greatly appreciated it.​​"
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Kyle L.

"I am extremely happy with the service [my attorney] provided.  He was always very quick to respond to me.  I am very satisfied."
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