Joseph W.

"​[My attorney] was fantastic. He was not only my attorney representing me but felt like he was a frien​d."
By |May 19th, 2020||Comments Off on Joseph W.


"​Kevin was very helpful explained how the court system and was great. Cordell Cordell is an excellent firm that makes a bad situation tolerable. You all are very pleasant and helpful firm."
By |January 28th, 2020||Comments Off on M.R.


"[My attorney] was phenomenal.  I appreciated his attention to detail.  He never sugar coated anything, he answered all of my questions.  He approached every situation with tenacity and he really did his due diligence."
By |January 23rd, 2020||Comments Off on D.F.

Joshua B.

"[My attorney] kept me really well informed and put things in for me and made sure everything was done right.  He really took care of things.  I would definitely go back to him and the firm if I ever needed help again."
By |July 30th, 2019||Comments Off on Joshua B.


"Dorothy has been very responsive to me. I've been very satisfied with Dorothy. I'm pretty optimistic things are going to turn out the way I'm hoping they will."
By |February 5th, 2015||Comments Off on Greg


"I believe you get what you pay for. This may not have been cheap, but I was thoroughly satisfied with my representation and the outcome of my case. I was impressed with the rate at which things progressed and how well-informed I was at all times. [My attorney] was excellent and very professional! There were no surprises. I will definitely use Cordell again in the future if needed."
By |February 5th, 2015||Comments Off on Geoff


"[My attorney] provided positive, aggressive representation. She listened very well. [My attorney] was very aggressive and always encouraged me to do more, but I was motivated to settle. On a very positive note, we agreed to disagree as I could see how much she wanted to fight for me. She accepted my feelings and took them into consideration the entire time."
By |February 2nd, 2015||Comments Off on Anonymous

JoAnn K.

"Seeing and talking to an attorney can be very intimidating at my age. [My attorney] makes me feel very comfortable. [My attorney] relates to people very well and is very easy to talk to, which I really appreciate."
By |January 9th, 2015||Comments Off on JoAnn K.


"Brandon's been pretty responsive. I've had a few questions, and he let me know over the phone what I needed. This is my first time going through this, and it's a  lot of information to take in. Brandon's been very informative and explains everything the best way he can so I can understand. He's doing great."
By |December 17th, 2014||Comments Off on Anonymous


"[My attorney] does a phenomenal job of providing options. Generally speaking, I'm very pleased with her. She doesn't mess around. There's no fluff. She's very succinct, and I appreciate that. I asked for [My attorney] on my case, and I'm very happy with her."
By |December 17th, 2014||Comments Off on J.S.
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