David N.

"[My attorney] and her assistant were extremely professional, sympathetic, and punctual. Exceptional service to my case."
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Fernand R.

"[Phyllis] was knowledgeable, personable, and honest. Her immediate attention and contact with us was impressive. She is a quality attorney. Phyllis M. was extraordinary. She is absolutely a star among attorneys!"
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Brian G.

"​Nicole has been very good about everything! She excellent with communication. Nicole seems very interested and proactive on my case. She's up on everything she needs to be. This has been everything that I hoped it would be. This is the reason I chose Cordell & Cordell."
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"​Nicole and Allison have been excellent on keeping me updated regularly and making sure all of my concerns are addressed. The entire experience has been above and beyond expectations so far."
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Dirk O.

"​Nicole and Allison are great. I also really love the feature on your website to be able to view the billing.​"
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