"​She really helped me out. It’s nice to know you have someone standing behind you and protecting you. You guys were very good to me. You all did everything I needed."
By |November 22nd, 2020||Comments Off on Anonymous


"Overall, this was a great experience! My ex wife and I were pretty cooperative with each other. I had a financial adviser and Bill worked seamlessly with him. The communication was always outstanding, even when Jamie stepped in for Bill while he was out of the office for the birth of his child. Bill picked things right back up and was extremely responsive to any questions I ever had."
By |May 20th, 2020||Comments Off on Anonymous

Matt A.

"Jaimie Collins is outstanding. She completely defended me and my property, and achieved a great result. I also completely recommend Cordell & Cordell's support team.​"
By |April 17th, 2020||Comments Off on Matt A.


"Maura is an exceptional attorney. I think she is very detail-oriented, attentive and knowledgeable about the law. ... I am very happy with her work."
By |February 5th, 2015||Comments Off on C.A.H.


"Caroline has a tremendous personality and has the ability to make you feel at ease during a difficult situation. We laugh a lot; we have a very good time; but at the same time, we take care of business and are very appropriate. I commend her on that for having that wonderful personality to allow that to happen."
By |November 13th, 2014||Comments Off on A.M.


"... Caroline Thompson is my third attorney. I have no issues with Caroline's work whatsoever, and this is because Caroline is finally moving my case forward. I should have gone with Cordell & Cordell to begin with. I am seeing progress and I feel comfortable with Caroline and confident that she has my best interests at heart."
By |November 4th, 2014||Comments Off on J.M.

Richard M.

"In terms of representation and timeliness: Maura was capable, competent and everything worked out perfectly as a result. I could not be any happier. Please tell her 'thank you' once again for me."
By |November 4th, 2014||Comments Off on Richard M.

Robert K.

“I think Caroline is very well aware of who I am and what I am looking to achieve in the divorce. Caroline keeps me informed of deadlines and what is going on with the other side at all time.”
By |October 10th, 2014||Comments Off on Robert K.


“Maura has done a very, very good job on my case thus far. I am really glad that I made the decision to go with Cordell & Cordell. … So far, Maura has made my experience pleasant and hassle-free. My in-laws pointed your firm to me. Maura is real informative when it comes to the law and helps guide my decisions without being too heavy-handed or bossy. I like that.
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