​"I already have referred others to him. Jerrod found strategies to overcome the many obstacles that popped up to complicate my case. Some were unusual. He was diligent in researching, understanding and solving these problems."
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"​Jerrod has great patience. He was a patient listener, as well as being slow and thoughtful before communicating with opposing counsel or deciding on a next legal move."
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"​Jerrod is very thorough, very good with strategy.  I've had numerous conversations with Jerrod and he has worked hard to push my case forward very well.  I picked a good attorney and a great Firm.  He has been a tremendous help!"
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"​Jerrod is terrific.  I am so happy that I decided to use your Firm and part ways with my old Attorney.  Jerrod cares about my case and you can really feel that in talking to him.  He's on top of my case and quick to answer any questions that I may have."
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"​Jerrod did a great job.  Jerrod answered all of my calls immediately and took extra special care of me and my case.  I am glad that I picked your Firm.  I am very happy and had no issues."
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